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We started Bespoke Creative in 2010 with the initial goal of providing highly custom high-end furniture for commercial and residential applications. To achieve this we use modern manufacturing techniques usually reserved for mass market applications and computer aided design. Our process allows us to modify any of our original designs specifically to the needs of the customer in almost any way possible beyond the typical, color, finish and wood options.

Recently, as our facilities and expertise grew,  we decided to offer custom manufacturing process to other designers, architects and makers. The following site is a prospectus of our services. We can either offer them on the individual basis, or coordinate them together as per the customer’s project. Please take a look and contact us if you require any further assistance.


As customer requirements and production and design methods got more and more numerous, exacting and complex, we began to realize that proper coordination is key to a successful execution of any design. As such, the most important aspect of production that we can assist with is finding the right people and tools for the job, and having said job executed in proper order.


Though we have an extensive array of in-house capabilities, we at Bespoke Creative have alway tried to grow our network of other skilled individuals and service providers. As a result of this we are prepared to run almost any fabrication project from start to finish.  Bespoke Creative can be used as a one time stop to coordinate complex projects requiring many processes and steps.


Bespoke creative has extensive experience of working with the three types of metals used in today’s modern furniture production: carbon steels, stainless steels, and various aluminum alloys. As those three have the most finishing options, are easy to weld, and are not prohibitively expensive they are our primary focus. We have of course worked with other metals and alloys, and if you desire any help with anything from bronze to titanium please let us know. As for now the following sections deal with the working of the three categories outlined above.


Machine: Haas VF 2, HRT 210 Rotary.

Besides general 3 axis CNC milling we can provide 3d surfacing,  4th axis positional and 4th axis simultaneous cutting. This allows us to cut complex surfaces for things such as 3D decorative pieces, molds, and prototypes.  If working in 3 axis milling our we can machine within an envelope of 30x 20y and 16z and if the 4th axis is required the envelope is reduced to an 8 inch radius.


Machine: Okuma LB3000 EX II


For turning the envelope is a 13 inches in diameter and 30 inches in height. Our machine is capable of milling (y axis), has a second spindle (reverse side turning and milling) and has a bar capacity of 3 inches (for through machining).  With this machine we can cut things such as very complex table legs,  custom hardware, and fasteners.


In house we can weld aluminum and steels with either TIG or MIG welding. One is used for fine work and the other for general assembly and large pieces. If required we have in our network people who can do decorative welding or seamless fusing.

Tube Bending

Our office neighbor is one of the few tube benders in the Los Angeles area that deal with small scale non production work. Through him and through our network we can offer madril and press bending services. As many of our personal projects require tube bending of one form or another we have extensive knowledge  in designing for, quoting, and dealing with various issues that this production method poses.

General Metalworking

We can do light metal work as well as stock preparation for milling and turning in house. Our metal equipment includes a metal band saw, a number of hand cutting and sanding tools as well as a drill press and various other metal powered and hand tools.


Wood was the first material that we began working with and we have the most experience working with it. For personal projects our primary focus with it revolves around repetitive precise cutting and lamination of plywood, vacuum forming, and solid walnut table tops and headboards. Our desired finish is usually a satin hand finished look that uses a mixture of oil and hand applied polyurethane. We have experience in both traditional woodworking techniques such as dovetail joinery and more complex modern computer driven fabrication methods that can be expanded to short run jobs.


Machine Haas SR 100

Though it can cut non ferrous metals the primary function of our router lies in cutting wood. The capacity of the router is slightly larger than a 4×8 sheet and the available height is around 3-4 inches. The router can be used for 2d cutting and 3d surfacing on projects such as molds. We also use the machine to plane and surface large surfaces such as table tops and trim excess material from vacuum formed pieces.

Vacuum Forming

This is, in some respects, our specialty. From understanding the limitations, through cutting the mold, all the way to proper glue selection we are very adept at the vacuum forming process. We have successfully formed entire 4 by 8 sheets to very tight radii and dimensional tolerances. Our capacity for forming extends all the way to a 9.5 feet by 5.5 feet surface. Our primary materials are Italian bending poplar, and a custom selection of wood glues and epoxies.


We have the capacity to glue up and plane large pieces of solid hardwood. Our maximum width capacity for a solid piece is roughly 48 inches with a length of roughly 16 feet. At our disposal we have an 8 inch jointer and all the necessary tools to glue up large and flat surfaces. Unlike many hand driven shops we can then rout the finished pieces for things like 3d surfacing, corner details, and recesses and holes for hardware and things such as inset table legs.

General Woodworking

Bespoke Creative can accomplish most of your general woodworking needs. From general cutting to dovetail joinery we have the equipment and know how to do it well. Our shop highlight equipment includes a doweler, an Agazzani 20 20 band saw, an 8 inch jointer, and a vast selection of festool hand tools.


As mentioned earlier our primary finish is the hand finished satin look. We of course, have other finishing options. We have experience in using automotive paints, polished and buffed epoxies and lacquers.  Through the use of partner network we can also offer professional painting and masking surfaces as well as more industrial finishing options for commercial applications. For example we have successfully completed projects with automotive finishes.

Design and Assembly

Though the two fields mentioned above are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, we feel that they are best grouped together here as one is dependent on the other. In this time of computer aided design, it is too easy to render something that is impossible to reproduce in physical form. As we have extensive experience in production we know the limitations of each medium. We also understand the limitations imposed by things such as deformation, hardware restrictions and so on. We can assist you in modifying your designs so that they become executable durable objects.


For our own process all our objects start as a very detailed computer model. This allows us not only to machine straight from the model but to also modify the models per the client’s wishes. As part of our design services we can work at any stage of the process. From generating rough concepts and rendering based on client ideas, through modifying designs to be suitable for production, to simply generating drawings and breakdowns for various manufacturers we can do it all in house.


On the computer side of things we have extensive experience, with more complex techniques such as table driven models, and instances. We have experience in working with Solidworks, Fusion 360, Rhino, OnShape, Sketchup, and Keyshot.


If you require assistance in modifying finished parts for assembly or assembly services in general we can be of assistance. We are familiar with making things fit, touch ups and hardware selection for small and large assembly projects. As a result of our own prototyping work we understand what limitations exist in making things fit together as a result of varying tolerances and finishes.

Technical guidelines


Though we can cater to most file types and quote requests please take a look at the following technical guidelines to make the process flow faster and go easier. Also, please browse the materials guidelines if you decide to supply your own.

File types

We accept almost any type of file though we prefer:

  • Solidworks
  • Rhino
  • Fusion 360
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • Parasolid
  • IGES
  • STL


In your drawings please include desired tolerances and please make sure all the necessary dimensions are indicated.


Hard wood.

If you are supplying your own hardwood please keep in mind that at least 1/8th of an inch will be lost from both faces for glue up purposes (this is after the hit and miss procedure described below). Also when purchasing wood please have the rough stock “hit and missed” (lightly planed) and “straight two edges” if you want it glued together. Though we have a jointer it is much more time consuming for us to do it than a regular hardwood supplier. If critical please take into consideration the show faces of the boards as well as the order that you would like them laminated. Also please remember that losses due to milling will have to be incurred on all edges of roughly .75 inches.

As an example a 4/4 piece of rough lumber will render roughly .7 inches of finished material.


Please remember that plywood is not is thick as its name suggests. We have provided a handy guide in the back of this booklet that indicates the rough thicknesses of various plywoods as sampled in our shop.


Most metal suppliers can prepare stock quite accurately for milling purposes. If possible please provide stock that is slightly larger (.1 of an inch max). Before purchasing stock it would be beneficial to contact us first as we might require extra material for work holding.

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